The way to the goal

  1. Product handover
    We receive your product, a description of the scope of services and other necessary information (target group, scope of instructions and format).
  2. Creation begins
    We start with the text and create the drawings. During this process, you may receive lists from us with questions and comments about your product. Here we document which points we have not understood, which information we still need or which errors we have noticed in the product.
  3. Test phase
    Once the instructions have been created, they are checked by one of our testers. The steps described are checked point by point against the sample. The editor incorporates the tester’s suggestions and passes the manual on to the proofreading department. The proofreader checks spelling, typesetting, compliance with the customer’s CI and the consistency of the text.
  4. First version for you
    You will receive a checked manual and, if necessary, a list of outstanding points.
  5. Print version
    After checking at your premises or by a testing institute, we incorporate any changes. The translations are then started or an exposure PDF is created. You receive the exposure PDF or the original data.