Instructions 2.0

“Nobody reads them.”

There are always complaints that instructions are not read.

Let’s be honest: manuals don’t have a particularly good image. This is unfortunate, especially when you consider how much better instruction manuals have become in recent years.

However, the inconspicuous existence that instruction manuals lead is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to make more of their manuals – to get customers to read them after all. Because where expectations are so low, you can make a big impact with little effort.

All efforts around the instructions are not an end in themselves, but always serve to bring the buyer to the instructions.

The aim is to

  • keep calls to hotlines to a minimum.
  • avoid unnecessary and expensive returns during the warranty period.
  • and to prevent product returns in any case.

The strategic goal is to turn the customer into a reader. You can read about the means we offer to achieve this on the following pages.

We also offer all of the following services if you write your own instructions.